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Welcome to Darknet Project

  • This site is for Privacy.Here you will find many useful things to care about your privacy, your security.
  • This site is to protect your rights, remember that the "privacy" is a right protected by many governments and countries.
  • This site is legal and legit, following this guides and this tutorials or connecting its servers, you don't do nothing illegal or wong.

Relax and Enjoy!

DNP Projects and Services

This is the complete list of contents, listed in categories:

The Privacy Facts...

Privacy is a very complicated concept and need a little bit of explanation.

When start your privacy and when it becames illegal?

Know that your privacy is lawful as long as you are not under investigation by police or control organizations. When this happens, privacy from a right turns into a need. Since we are all innocent so long as the evidence shows the opposite, no matter if you want privacy to exercise a right or need: take care of your privacy!

Securing the devices

You need to know that our privacy for the 90% of cases is violated by the violation of our devices: TV, Smarphones, Tablet, Pc, notebook and all is able to connect to internet is a potential privacy break. Supposing you still know this things, the next question is: How do "they" will be able to violate my privacy?

There are various ways to break your privacy, from the simplest forms like scripts in web pages, pop up and many "backgroud" apps running on your devices and computers, to the more complicated, like phone control, by activating the cameras or the mic of your phones and similar. Know that by that, is also possible to have full access, by remote, to your SMS, Contacts, Calls Register and much more.

There are few ways to secure your devices, this site is also for that: stay safe and take care of your privacy!

What about the Darknet Project?

The DNP is up by few years, and it's the continuation of many indipendent projects (most of all from Italy) about anonymity and privacy.

As "Group and Collective" we have a clear idea and a definited way to act. Among all, our most effort is invested in opensource and free resources, softwares, services, and we use that services to spread our idea of privacy as a REAL right, giving tools and spaces to free people to increase their own privacy.

Here you will not only find few tutorials and guides in how to grant your privacy, but also our services, and some projects you'll find only here, for now. Consider it like a sort of "beta testing" or some close to that.

You have many ways to get in contact with us: